We believe in 

  better payments

At Duesday, we’re reinventing how we all pay our everyday bills. A new kind of direct debit. One that lives on your smartphone and built in harmony with how we live today.

Reinventing bills

Duesday, the app that changes the way we pay our recurring bills like utility, telephone or gym bills, gives you a flexible alternative with the ability to split bills between housemates and even earn points and discounts for paying early.  

Duesday is a more flexible, streamlined and
overall convenient approach to match our 21st-century lifestyle

Better payments

We're focused on solving problems for everyday people in their lives instead of simply selling financial products to them. We've invented new ways to pay bills, fit your needs and share them with your friends.

Progress is at our core

We strongly believe it's time to change the UK’s outdated payments system and that’s why we created Duesday - a more flexible, transparent and overall convenient approach to match our 21st-century lifestyle.

We’re a growing team based off the Cornish coast

Only 9 miles from the rugged Cornish coastline, we're nestled snugly in the heart of an old market town called Liskeard. We’re a growing team of people taking care of everything from regulation, development, to app support and more.

Our tone of voice

Here at Duesday we have a relaxed, helpful and informal way of speaking to our community of users and want you to know we’re always here to help. How we write can change the way people feel about us, so we’d want to make sure our words reflect what we stand for. 

Best FinTech 2018




A few words from our CEO, Marcus Kern...

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