About Duesday

What is Duesday?

Duesday is an app that changes the way we pay our recurring bills like utility, telephone or gym bills. It tells you about your upcoming bills and gives you more power to control how and when you want to pay them. And the best part? It’s free forever.

Who can use Duesday?

You have to be at least 18 and live in UK.

How is Duesday free?

We are a core part of the payment network. As payments go through the system, we charge the provider a small fee.

Where is the technology from?

Our technology has been developed in house here in Cornwall. The team was founded with 30+ years experience in payments and have developed recurring payments from the ground up!

Is Duesday an approved bureau?

Yes! Duesday is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to operate payment services here in the UK.

Can I use Duesday for my company?

Yes absolutely, Duesday helps your company build its customers! For more details visit Duesday for business, email or call 0333 11 22 999.

Why should I use Duesday?

  • Duesday is easy to use
  • Duesday helps you split your bills
  • You always have control, transparency and flexibility that you deserve.

How it works?

How does Duesday work?

Duesday is great for recurring bills! Our service works by sending you the bill through the Duesday app which you can pay with your chosen payment method. The app also gives you other payment options like splitting bills and choosing your payment date.

Do I need to change my bank?

No, it doesn't matter who you bank with. You can keep all your existing bank accounts as they are. No headache of changing account numbers, pin codes or debit cards. Duesday works with any UK bank offering Direct Debits.

Can I pay for all my bills with Duesday?

We are working with many providers, the list is growing everyday. If you can’t find the provider you are looking for then let us know at

What are taps?

Taps are like direct debits, but simpler, faster and more convenient method to pay bills. Each tap is connected to a service provider like a utility, gym, TV or phone company. Every tap can be shared with other bill payers and payments are split between each person. As a tap admin you can also add and remove a bill sharer at anytime.

Some taps allow you to pay bills early, rewarding you with Duros which can be used for discounts and flexible payments. It pays to be in control. 
Find out more about Duros

How do I set up a tap?

Once you have signed up, your Home screen will be the place to go each time you wish to set up a tap or invite a new user. Press ‘Continue’ if it’s your first time, or press the plus icon to set up more taps.

Your first tap will go through a security review which may take up to a few days. Every tap after that will only take a few seconds.

Are all of my payments monthly?

Many bills are collected monthly but this will depend on your provider.

Can I use Duesday with my joint account?

Yes, you can, but be aware of the following when configuring your payment settings in Duesday: If more than one person is required to authorise Direct Debits on your joint account, you will need to download and print a paper copy of the Direct Debit instruction and get everyone to to sign it. For full instructions please contact us at

If it's a joint account and you can authorise payments on your own, then you can set up the Direct Debit in the app, which means there’s no need to print anything out.

How do I set up a payment?

When you create a tap you tell us how you would like your bills to be paid, and you only need to do this once. We also give you the option to pay early, pay late or split your bills. However, to continue using these features you must verify your account within 30 days from your first payment made through Duesday.

Why did the amount of my monthly bill change?

The bill amounts are set by your chosen provider, sometimes the bills will fluctuate through the year, for example fuel bills are more expensive in the winter compared to the summer and most phone bills vary every month. With our Duesday app whenever the bill comes in we will let you know right away.

The bill amount seems wrong, what do I do?

If you think the amount is wrong then contact your provider and get your bill re-issued. In the Duesday app you can always close your tap of the provider to prevent money leaving your account.

How do I choose when I pay?

The Duesday app gives you great transparency and control over when you pay your bills. You can
pay early, pay when
 the bill is due, pay when you get paid, schedule your payment to a selected date, or press ‘Pay Now’ whenever the bill comes in. The earlier you pay the more Duros you earn. Find out more about Duros

What happens to my payments if I can't access the app?

Don’t worry Duesday continues to pay your bills for you. The timing depends on your preferences (pay as soon as possible, pay when due etc.)

I’m already paying my provider through my bank. Why would I use Duesday?

Paying your bills with Duesday gives you more transparency, control and flexibility at the end of your fingertips.

Once your tap with a new service provider is set up within the Duesday app make sure you cancel any existing direct debit or standing order you have for this service provider. Do it online, on phone, or in your bank.

Contact us if you need any assistance at

What happens if one of my services from a provider stops working?

If you have paid all of your previous bills and your provider stops working then please contact them directly.

I updated my phone and the app no longer works. What do I do?

Oh no! We are sorry to hear that. Try reinstalling the app from the app store and try logging in again. If this still doesn’t work then please let us know at

Your account

How do I sign up?

That’s easy, simply go to and sign up to our waiting list. Remember, if you would like to skip ahead of the queue then simply refer more friends via social media with the unique link we give you. Not only can you jump the queue but you are also rewarded for your efforts with Duros

Do I have to sign up for a minimum period?

No, you can stop using Duesday at anytime, it’s completely up to you. However, make sure that as soon as you leave us you still have a way of paying your bills.

Can I use Duesday with any phone?

You need to have iPhone 5 with iOS 10.3 minimum. Support for Android (minimum 6.1) is coming soon.

Can I access my account on multiple devices?

Using multiple phones at the same time is currently not available on the app, however it’s on our roadmap. Is this something you would like? If so let us know by emailing us on 

Why does Duesday want to access my push notifications and camera?

We use push notifications to let you know about bills as soon as they arrive. The app uses the camera during the setup process to quickly verify your documents.

I have moved home, what should I do?

Firstly, well done with the move. Please let us know by updating your address in your Duesday app (Settings > My Addresses).

Please note, you won't be able to change your address again within the next 60 days.

My payment method isn't working. What should I do?

Duesday offers two types of payment methods, credit/debit cards and bank accounts. Go to your Duesday app, click Settings > My Payment Methods and review the details you provided us. If everything seems fine contact us at

How do I verify my account?

In order to keep using all the great stuff Duesday has to offer, you must verify your account. You need to do this within 30 days from your first payment made through Duesday.

Simply add your date of birth and scan your proof of ID along with your proof of address. This will then trigger the verification process. Once completed we will send you a welcome letter.

If you don’t verify your account during this time your taps will be disabled and you won’t be able to pay your bills through the app. If you have issues verifying your account please contact us at

My welcome letter didn't arrive.

As soon as you tell us your date of birth, home address and scan your proof of identity, either during a tap set-up or in the Settings of your Duesday app, we will start the verification process. Once your account has been successfully verified, we will send you a welcome letter. The letter contains a QR code which you need to scan with the app. Please allow 5 working days for the letter to arrive.

If for some reason your letter doesn’t arrive or you have moved house, please contact us directly at

I’ve changed my name, what should I do now?

You can change your name if your profile has not yet been verified. Simply press on the pencil icon next to your name to change it (Settings > My Profile).

Once we have verified your account, we display a green badge next to your picture and the name on your profile can only be changed by contacting us


What are Duros?

Duros are our in-app coins that enable you to have more control over your bills.
When you pay a bill before the due date, you earn Duros. If you want to pay a bill after the due date, you use up Duros.

The more Duros you own, the more control you have.

For every one pound and day you pay early, you earn one Duro (Đ).
For example, if you pay your £20 phone bill 10 days early you earn 200 Duros: £20 x 10 days early =  Đ200

How do I collect Duros?

Everyone who waited patiently in the queue to access their Duesday account would have collected some Duros already. Once you start using Duesday to pay your bills, you’re also able to earn Duros whenever you pay your bill ahead of the due date.

How are Duros calculated?

Duros have the power to shift money in time. For every pound and day a bill is paid early you earn one Duro. For every pound and day you want to pay late you need use up one Duro.

What can I do with my Duros?

You can use your Duros to move bill payments to a later time that might suit you better, for example when you receive your monthly salary. Note that the provider gives us an allowed range beyond which you can’t delay payment further. That’s to avoid piling on debt which would be harder to manage later. In the future you will also be able to trade in your Duros for a discount, so save and hold on to them.

Can I exchange my Duros for money?

We’re currently working on a feature to trade in your saved Duros for a discount on your next bill. We haven’t got a launch date for this feature yet, but if you love the idea let us know on Twitter @getduesday

Can I share my Duros with other users?

We’re currently working on a feature to gift your saved Duros to a friend. We’re not quite ready to launch this feature yet, but sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know about all our exciting future updates. If you love the idea let us know on Twitter @getduesday

Do I have to use my Duros within a certain time?

Nope! Duros are yours to keep, spend or give away as you please. They never expire.

Who is bill sharing for?

Apart from being awesome, if you are living in a party house of 12, a cosy 2 bedroom cottage or anywhere in between, we make life easier by setting up, managing and splitting your bills.

Bill sharing can be used for any recurring bills you would like to share; living costs, travel insurance, car insurance, online subscriptions and anything else you can think of.

No more disputes with sharers about who owes what and when. Each bill sharer contributes towards their own share of the bills so you don’t have to awkwardly chase them for money every month.

What happens if one of my bill sharers does not pay for the tap I created?

Every time a shared bill is paid through Duesday we automatically work out how much money every sharer should pay based on the preferences you set in the tap. We then debit those amounts from the accounts of all sharers. 

If a debit fails, either because the sharer has insufficient funds in their account or their account is blocked or closed, then we will debit the amount from the person who created the tap. We will inform both you and the sharer if this happens via the app and email.


I have added someone as a bill sharer who hasn't created their account yet. What happens next?

If you invite someone as a bill sharer who doesn’t have their Duesday account yet they will receive their sharing invite. They will see the tap details and how much of the bill they become responsible for. We will also ask them to review your bill sharing request and give them an option to either accept or decline it. While their account creation is pending you can continue setting up the tap for both of you. But be aware that if your bill sharer doesn’t create the account or declines bill sharing you will be charged the full amount.

Can I stop someone sharing my bill?

Yes, of course. You can stop sharing your bill at any time. You can also add or remove other sharers whenever you want. Simply select the tap in the app you wish to edit by pressing the pencil icon.

Note that as soon as you remove a bill sharer, or if they don’t accept your invitation to share a bill, you will be responsible for their share of the bill.

What happens if a bill sharer declines the invite to share my bill?

If the person you have invited to share the bill with declines your request you will be notified. Perhaps it would help to chat with them in person?

If I accept to share someone else’s bill, what happens next?

Once you accept the invitation to share a bill, you will then be asked to provide your payment details. Choose either your bank account, debit or credit card, and tell us how you wish to pay e.g when the bill comes in, on a certain day or whenever it’s due.

How many people can I share a bill with?

You can create a tap just for yourself or share with up to 12 people. Split the bill evenly or set up variable amounts for everyone you share your bills with.

Do I need a joint account to share bills?

No need for that, just set up the payment tap and add your partner as a bill sharer – they will have to create their Duesday account too. Split the bill evenly each month or provide custom figures.

What details does Duesday ask me for and why?

Duesday securely pays bills for you through the UK banking system. This means we need to know certain information about you such as your name, email, address and payment details. During the process we also ask you for some evidence like your passport or driving licence to comply with our anti-money laundering obligations. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy

Am I protected against fraud?

 We have bank grade security and strict procedures in place to keep your personal information and payments safe. Every bill we pay on your behalf has been authorised by you through the app or when you first created a tap. 

To prevent fraud you also need to do your bit. Please keep your phone and Duesday passcode safe at all times. Never share your passcode with anyone, not even when you speak to us. We will never ask you for your passcode.

How secure is Duesday?

Security is our highest priority and we use the most up-to-date industry standards including strong data encryption, regular security updates and monitoring to protect your data. We save all of your details in a secretly encrypted format inside a secure digital vault. When we pay your bills for you we ensure that your money is securely stored through the UK banking system at all times.

You can find out more in our T&Cs.

What should I do when I can't login to the app?

First, check if your device is connected to the Internet. If you’re still having trouble, check that you have correctly spelt your username/email address and that your passcode is correct. Did you forget your passcode?  Please follow these two steps to recover your account:

Otherwise contact our support team on 

What if my phone has changed, is lost or stolen?

Firstly, we are sorry to hear that! 

You can try logging into your Duesday account on a new device but first we will ask for the phone number associated with your Duesday account. We will then send you a verification code and ask you to set up a new passcode. If you have a new phone number then please contact us at 

What if my payment card has changed, is lost or stolen?

If you think your card has been lost or stolen, or you find it has been blocked for fraud protection reasons when you try to use it, you should call your bank immediately. We are not a bank and therefore preventing a transaction or reissuing cards can only be performed by your bank.

If your card was added to your Duesday app to pay bills, you must change it to a new or different card. Otherwise your services won’t be paid.

How do I close my Duesday account?

Closing your account will close all taps and remove all sharing relationships you have with your connections. All your preferences will be deleted and no future bills will be paid through Duesday. This step cannot be undone. Your Duesday account will be closed and all your taps and preferences will be deleted.

If you still wish to proceed please go to Menu > Settings > Privacy & security > Close account

If you still need help or have questions contact as at

Do you share my information with anyone else?

We never share or sell your personal information with any external parties, marketing agencies or services. However to administer and manage your account and to verify the information you have given us we work with authentication providers such as AU10TIX, Onfido, GB Group or Trulio to comply with our anti-money-laundering obligations.

You can find more information in our Privacy Policy

How do I report an issue?

We’re constantly improving our app and services. This may mean from time to time something isn’t quite working as it should. If you come across an issue with the app, your account or anything regarding Duesday please email us on 

How do I log out?

It’s simple, go to: Menu > Settings > Privacy & security, and press ‘Sign out from this device’

How can I send you my feedback?

Your feedback is a great help to make Duesday better. We’d love to hear from you, simply go to the app, open the menu and choose Send feedback, or fill out our form to tell us what you think 🙂

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